Reading Experience

Reading Experience

PUBNiTO has a one-stop approach to everything that visitors and buyers will see and work with. It uses the PUBNiTO application in order to provide all user-related services. There are three parts to this. A book store where all books are displayed, a personal library where users’ books are kept, and a reader for reading books. All three components can have multi-lingual interfaces.



Storefront has a modern and intuitive design and aims to give the best experience to its users. Visitors can browse and search for a book, bookmark, visit listings of vendors and publishers, add and check reviews, and buy or subscribe to a book or part of it.


Users of PUBNiTO get their personal library where all of their books are placed. A user may even add personal PDF or ePUB3 books to the library.


The reader is highly secure and versatile and enables you to access your books anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Online or Offline

With or without internet, you can read your book.

ePUB3 and PDF

Reads any standard book.


Highlight and add notes.


Reads books on fixed or reflowable layouts.


Font size, dark mode, audio.


xAPI, provides you a store readership statistics in a finely detailed granularity.


Books are encrypted through DRM, which secures and encrypts the book content.

Sync Across Devices

Your reading progress syncs across all devices.

Social Sharing

Share your thoughts and book highlights for community engagement.

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