From the moment your PUBNiTO is up and running, you can start adding books and releasing them for sale. PUBNiTO gives you a large number of options to manage your publishing activities.


Add Existing Books

As long as your existing books are standard PDF or ePUB3 and earlier versions, you can easily add them to the store, build their metadata, set a business model, and start selling.

Multiple Layouts

PUBNiTO reader accepts both reflowable and fixed layouts. Although reflowable is more frequently used in modern books, some publications, such as early learning books, use fixed layouts.

Publishing Wizard

A clear and step-by-step process helps you and other vendors add books for publication. As the store owner, you are in charge of the final release.


Books data is an important factor in exposing a book to buyers. PUBNiTO offers standard metadata as well as options to add custom ones, such as the layout of a book.

Categories and Tags

A two-level categorization scheme that is defined and set by the store owner, as well as extensive tagging options, makes sure books are organized, presented, and found.

Business Models

PUBNiTO offers a variety of options, including sample, rental, total price, or even discounted. It allows you to bundle books into a collection and sell them at a special price.


Modern digital books are similar to software products. You can modify and edit parts and release them as a new revision. Your readers can always access recent revisions or continue to use older ones.


You need lots of reports. These stats include trending books, book sales, readership growth, and number of downloads.

Version Control

PUBNiTO provides version control for books, enabling publishers to manage and track revisions and updates. This feature is crucial for maintaining content accuracy, especially in educational materials, and ensures readers always have access to the latest version.

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