Whether you're an international publishing house, an independent publisher, or an individual with a vision, PUBNiTO offers a secure, cost-effective platform to showcase your books worldwide. Global publishers can effortlessly expand their reach, provide multilingual options, and find a valuable ally with ePUB3 integration and insightful analytics. At the same time, independents gain control over pricing and marketing and promote their books globally.


PUBNiTO Store, as a Bridge

Your PUBNiTO Store sits between you, as a Publisher, and your Readers. Therefore, you can publish your ePUB3 books directly to the store and make them available for public use. On the other hand, your readers who visit or search your store can read more, get a sample, and eventually buy the book.

Publish under your own Brand

PUBNiTO lets you build your online store with your brand on the cloud and assign tags and categories to books for better organization and faster discovery.

Full Control of your Books

Your books at PUBNiTO Store can be offered for free or sold, and you have complete control over who can get them and your copyright.

Revenue Sharing

PUBNiTO lets you act as an online book store for other publishers and create revenue-sharing licenses with them.


PUBNiTO analytics provides various xAPI readership statistics for your planning towards readers and market’s needs.


While books can be in any language, the platform is multilingual. If you need a language that is not there already, adding that is a simple and quick job. In addition, if the bookshop terms need to be different to match your local dialects, you can change them too.

Flexible Business Models

With flexible business models such as outright sales, weekly, monthly, and annual rental, and sampling options combined with discount schemes, PUBNiTO fits any sales needs, even free ones.


PUBNiTO is multi-vendor which means that you can run it as a marketplace for other publishers to add their books to the bookshop. A flexible revenue share scheme combined with detailed financial reports lets you manage all aspects of your bookshop right from inside the shop.

DRM Support

PUBNiTO offers robust Digital Rights Management capabilities to protect the intellectual property of publishers and authors. This feature ensures that books are securely distributed, prevents unauthorized copying or distribution, and balances security with accessibility for legitimate readers. This added layer of security enhances the overall protection of digital content on the platform.