Authoring Studio

Authoring Studio

At the PUBNiTO studio, you start to create! Here you can write a textbook, a memoir, a manual, a cookbook, and whatever could be alive with audio, video, interactive elements, quizzes, assessments, and many other features. Here are some items to help you have fun at PUBNiTO studio while creating your books.


Import / Write

At PUBNiTO studio, you easily Import your manuscript from WORD or ePUB files or start creating it from scratch using our powerful editor.

Roles and Flows

PUBNiTO studio offers pre-defined roles where you can edit, add, manage task flows between roles, and set default permissions for anonymous and registered users.

Collaborative Authoring

In PUBNiTO Studio, multiple people can collaborate on authoring, whether writing, graphics, or layout. It facilitates the co-production of books, note-sharing, seeking help, and finding projects to contribute to.

Accelerated Authoring

PUBNiTO supports traditional book authoring and quick content creation through 'book sprints' – intensive collaborative events where six to ten people write a book in three to five days, whether in the same room or online.

Track Changes

PUBNiTO Studio preserves a detailed change history, allowing you to monitor edits at both chapter and line levels. This feature is vital for coordinating translated editions and multi-contributor projects while maintaining consistency across all versions.


You can add links to other assets and content, such as TED Talks and YouTube. Imagine clicking a link among those boring lines of your book and watching some videos. This is how your readers find your ePUB books so attractive.


Just embed any desired formula in LTR and RTL using the online LaTeX editor inside the Studio for your complicated books.

Audio and Video

PUBNiTO studio enables you to add audio, images, and videos or a swipeable gallery of images.


You can put any content and assets from your pool of resources or the Internet directly into the text and where it should be, and see the results and enjoy.

Left to Right | Right to Left

PUBNiTO Studio fully supports bidirectional languages, essential for mixed-language content and mathematical formulas.


Your branded PUBNiTO Studio is cloud-based to give you secure and continuous access.


PUBNiTO, through Studio, offers communication features such as real-time collaboration, chat, task assignments, Q&A, notes, and idea sharing.

Interactive Elements

Last but not least, at PUBNiTO studio, you can create and add interactive elements from PUBNiTO Interactive (Link to Interactive). This enriched library of modules is the crucial element of your interactive book.

Publish Reflowable or Fixed Layout

After finishing your book and writing, you can publish the output to PDF for prints, ePUB2, and of course, ePUB3 and send it to your Book Store.

Book Licenses

Concerned about book licenses? PUBNiTO Studio offers a range of copyright options, including 'All rights reserved,' with pre-configured popular licenses for your convenience.

Ready to get started?

We have a generous free tier available to get you started right away.